U-Ch, U-CD, U-Ag1 Navistar's QB Sneak v Triadel Am/Can CD, OA, NAJ, OJC

Boomer - head

3/13/91 - 1999 Taken by Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Sire: Ch Triadel's Varsity Coach
Dam: U-Ch, U-CD Aheads Trendsetta v Diamas Am/Can CD, TT

Boomer - HIT
Boomer Christmas

Boomer was the clown of his litter and in life. Obedience judges either loved him or hated him! I was told by more than one judge he was having a bit too much fun at my expense. When he was serious, he could be very good however most of the time, he chose to do things his way. I was introduced to the addictive sport of agility through Boomer. He was always highly ranked in the Front & Finish Agility rankings for Dobermans.

Boomer NADAC Jumpers